11th Jan, 2014
Fabrica at the National Museam of Beirut

As part of Fabrica, I was involved in designing a collection of limited edition objects inspired by a trip to Lebanon in January 2013. The collection presented by Carwan Gallery interprets certain aspects of the Lebanese daily life, uncovering secret, undisclosed elements.



16th March, 2013
Keep it Glassy

I'm pleased to be part of a new exhibition 'Keep it Glassy' that will be launched on the 28th of March at the Shanghai Museam of Glass. A mix of designers from all over the world have been brought together to showcase a collection that demonstrates the diverse characteristics that glass can embody


8th Feb, 2013
Full of Lebanese inspiration

After an incredible week of exploring Lebanon, the designing has begun. This collaboration is part of Carwan galleries project "Contemporary Perspectives in Middle Eastern Crafts" exploring new avenues in design.


1st Feb, 2013
Vera Chapter Two
Wallpaper award

Erika and I are so pleased to announce that Tomas Alonso won the best domestic design award for his collection 'Metals' that was designed for Vera Chapter Two. Full listings will be published in the February issue of Wallpaper


25th Jan, 2013
Fabrica Goes Lebanese

I am heading to Beirut on Sunday to be part of a very exciting Fabrica project with Carwan Gallery and L'Academie Libanaise de Beaux arts (ALBA)


13th Dec, 2012
Tutti Frutti
Featured on Wallpaper

A lovely report on tutti frutti featured on wallpaper magazine's Design Miami 2012 report


30th Nov, 2012
Cocco for Fabrica
Design Miami/ Art Basel

FABRICA presents Tutti Frutti, a collection of glass sculptures inspired by vibrant Miami.

Tutti Frutti is a collection of ten limited-edition glass sculptures made for displaying or serving fruit in a fascinating combination, where the pure clarity of glass combine with the natural wholesomeness of fresh fruit. I will be presenting a pair of glassware pieces, a carafe and a fruit bowl named, 'Cocco'.


1st Nov, 2012
Feeling Blue

Experimenting with a blue version of 'Lucky Yellow Cardigan', a commission for Vera Chapter Two that was launched in September 2012


1st Nov, 2012
Back in London!

After an amazing year in Italy doing my residency in Fabrica,
I am now officially back on home turf!


21st Oct, 2012
New products with Giorgia Zanellatto

Catch a glimpse of some new glass pieces I have been working on with the talented Italian designer Giorgia Zanellato, who will be presenting our collection 'stripe' along with some of her other beautiful products at the Abitare il Tempo in Verona from the 21st to the 23rd of October