On Display
Fabrica for &Foam Gallery

On Display, a wooden cabinet with laser cut metal doors. Camouflaged in an optical illusion behind the doors, there is a collection of 12 plates that, when the cabinet is closed, create a mysteriously sober still life scene. When the doors open, a new perspective is revealed. The added surrounding emitting lights creates a 'contre jour' effect, a technique used in photography when a subject is lit brightly from behind creating a silhouette in the foreground.

The piece is part of the Fabrica Still lights collection, which draws the same inspirations from the fundamental principles of photography - each piece composed of three elements, a frame, a subject and a light source. The collection situates its self somewhere between a still life image and an object.

Oak Cabinet, natural oiled finish,
White powder-coated steel doors,
Ceramic plates with platinum and matt white glaze,
Backlit with LED's

W1200mm x H900mm x D100mm
Plates ∅250mm